Meet The Executive Team

Joshila Makan, CEO, WCS
Joshila’s experience cover deep business process and design knowledge, programme management, implementations and operations for organisations covering the UK, US and South Africa.

Andrew Boake, CTO, WCS/Alacrity
Andrew holds experience in compilers, image processing, and operating, knowledge-based, financial, retail, and geographical information systems.

Dean Sparrow, CEO, Capital Eye
Dean has helped to drive the evolution of Capital Eye into a quasi-private equity investment vehicle in the technology sector.

Neels Van Tonder, CTO, Capital Eye
Neels plays an integral role in CEI’s strategic direction, development, M&A activities and future growth of technology.

You can meet the wider team here

Volaris Group acquires WCS

Volaris Group acquires WCS (Worldwide Chain Stores) to support continued expansion across new markets and territories

Pick-by-Line functionality reduces operational demands.

Pick-by-line functionality reduces operational demand. Read more about how implementation of this functionality can see a typical reduction of 30% across labour and inventory costs .