WCS CEO Speaks at Fortune 100 Event

WCS CEO Josh Makan was recently invited to give a talk at the NAW Large Companies Roundtable event in Chicago, attended by representatives from billion dollar companies.

Drawing on the extensive heritage of WCS alongside her own experience, Josh delivered a talk on choosing the right technology for your warehouse, including smart glass, automation, voice picking and more. She reminded attendees that with warehouse technologies constantly evolving on multiple platforms including mobile and ERP technology, it is not always best to simply the most advanced or most comprehensive. Instead, it is better to determine which is the optimal suite of technologies for your organisation based on whichever one will most readily help you to realise your operational strategic direction.

In addition to Josh’s talk, the NAW Roundtable played host to a number of other key addresses and workshops centred around modern warehousing practices and B2B attitudes. Overall, it proved to be an insightful and thought-provoking event which WCS was glad to attend.