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CSnx Labour Management White Paper

The CSnx Labour Management system is based on the development of standard performance times for each work type in the warehouse. These times are used to measure individual employee performance. Specifically, standard performance times allow the system to identify and track individual employee performance, unaccounted time, and delay time. Detailed performance information is accumulated in real time as employees perform work assignments; it is also retained in summary form for trend reporting over time.

Based on labour standards, the Labour application calculates the standard time for work assignments which are created within the Warehouse Management system.  Employees receive immediate feedback on their performance including the standard time for the assignment, the time they took to complete the assignment and their performance against the standard. Their performance includes daily and week-to-date totals. Additionally, the system accounts for all scheduled work assignment time. This allows management to review and analyse performance, unaccounted time and delay time by work type, individual employee and individual supervisor.

Our Labour Management System is built to offer you:

● The necessary tools to manage and monitor performance identify productivity problems and improve productivity.
● The information to efficiently deploy the workforce and account for their time
● An incentive mechanism to reward individuals for superior performance
● An improvement in employee motivation through fair and consistent goals established through work performance standards 

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