Case Studies

WCS e-Learning Partnership

Times have changed. And when times change, systems, processes, and roles can change too. How we train our workforce is a critical part of this. The modern era has a lust for more interactivity, with the increase in gamification of learning and access to technology, and other forms of online accessible content, leading to a huge demand for e-Learning solutions. We call this era, Generation Z.

As a company who embrace change we’ve partnered with Skillset to develop innovative training solutions since October 2013, and offer this unique opportunity to help you manage e-learning within your business. Bright Track is the result of this partnership.
User confidence has always been a key differentiator for our customers, and Generation Z are no different – requiring solutions that promote a rapid learning curve, which is both easy to navigate and specifically designed to prevent content becoming quickly outdated.  We’re therefore proud to present Bright Track as a model that analyses and develops your needs, designing a solution with a style and content that can be implemented to deliver real benefit to your business structure, and promoting an in-application learning experience.

From entry-level base modules to fully-branded interactive systems, our e-Learning solution benefits greatly from a significant reduction in costs compared to classroom based training (while eliminating costly resources such as first-line support), with staff training records available for legal compliance, as well as helping staff with their own personal development – specifically developed to support the next generation market.

Bright Track can provide a combination of four key options (eHub, eMerge, eMap, eCentral) to help you manage e-Learning within your business by offering:

– Easy to access learning and knowledge
– Low cost provision of resources
– Flexible learning resources
– Up-to-date and easy to maintain material
– Specific solutions to your core processes
– Solutions to meets the requirements of the modern workforce

Download the PDF for our handy information pack, and get in touch today to about implementing Bright Track into your e-Learning business model.