Interview: Discover How WCS Delivers Competitive Advantage

CEO Josh Makan gave a recent interview to Warehouse & Logistics News, giving an in-depth look into how WCS delivers competitive advantage to today’s multi-channel retailers. 

Addressing the growth of the company and its position in the sector over the course of the last year, Makan stated that “the last 12 months across [the] industry have been all about change. During the course of the recession our customers were focussed on keeping costs down, retaining legacy systems and maintaining what they had in place. However, recently there has been a seismic shift in thinking within all the organisations we are working with that has been driven primarily by their customer demands. Omni-channel has created a problem that can only be solved by the optimisation of warehouse efficiencies.

Today there is real recognition that optimising supply chain processes is key to achieving competitive advantage. As a result, we have seen significant growth in our business in the last 24 months, and with the latest version of our product, CSnx launched this year, we’re positive we’ll continue to strengthen our market position.”

She went on to detail the Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 13.16.20heritage of the company, which includes close relations with international customers maintained over several decades, before addressing the uptake of WCS’s next generation product CSnx, the early adoption of which “has been a huge success.” She argued that with CSnx being “a compelling proposition for businesses faced with the challenges of multi-channel operations”, customers view WCS “as a strategic partner, not just a supplier”.

Looking ahead to the coming year, Makan indicated that “the main news will be the growing customer base and announcements around several new customers using the new CSnx platform. [WCS] is focussed on technical innovation, so we’ll be making lots of mobile adaptations and continuing to make functionality more automated.”