Case Studies

Choosing the Best Technology

musgrave logoImplementation of voice picking


Driven by the desire to further improve accuracy and efficiencies, Musgrave Retail Partners embarked on a process to review the value of integrating voice technology for picking within its warehouse environment. After a thorough evaluation, the business recognised that voice directed picking was incredibly versatile and could be used across numerous parts of the warehouse – including loading, receiving and picking. They decided to implement a voice directed system to allow for a much more ‘free flowing’ environment, where productivity gains have seen an 8.2 percent lift. This system integrates seamlessly with WCS’s Warehouse Management

System, with all voice-based transactions allowing for real-time maintenance of inventory levels and better synchronisation of replenishment activities. Pickers are allocated the best next picking assignment so as to drive efficient DC operations.

Since starting its voice implementation, Musgrave has recouped its initial investment and continues to see a return of 660k euros per year. It continues to achieve very high levels of accuracy and productivity gains remain near nine percent.

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