Andrew Boake announced as new CTO of WCS

WCS are pleased to announce the appointment of their new CTO, Dr Andrew Boake.

Andrew Boake CIO WCSAndrew continues his role as CTO of Alacrity providing technical direction to the company whilst adding his new responsibility to the infrastructure of next generation supply chain solutions provided by WCS. He arrives at his new role after almost 3.5 years with Alacrity.

Andrew brings a wealth of experience to the WCS team, spanning almost 30 years, in a number of areas. His work includes operating systems, image processing, geographical information systems, compilers, knowledge-based systems, financial systems and retail systems. He has first-hand experience in the tasks involved in delivering well-designed, useful software, in the roles of developer, user interface designer, team leader, system architect, solution architect, IT Department steering committee member for a large South African bank, and CTO of a software development company.

Dr Boake holds both a Masters and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pretoria, and continues to conduct research into aspects of software engineering. He lectures Computer Science students in Software Engineering and Software Architecture, supervises Masters and PhD students, referees academic research articles, and is an evaluator of applications for funding for the commercialisation of research from the South African National Research Foundation.

Alacrity Technologies is a privately held software company that has provided services and crafted software solutions to fit specific business and technology domains for 15 years.  They have worked with WCS to help provide exceptional software solutions, strategic services and technical resources to South African and international businesses across a number of different industries, including financial services and retail. 

With a tremendous amount of technical domain knowledge and IP, Alacrity delivers a range of services that deliver true and measurable value to its customers.  Their software engineers have expert knowledge of mainstream application development technologies, such as Java, .NET and the mobile platforms.

Andrew’s appointment cements an even stronger relationship between the two companies, allowing a synergy in approaches which can be can used to continue to create long lasting and strategic partnerships with customers. Dr Boake comments, “I am excited about being part of introducing a system into our partners that will enable them to become an integral part of the next generation supply chain, where integration, easy configuration, and visualization of key parameters of a complex environment are becoming increasingly important.”

Coming off the back of 7 years of strong investment and the recent announcement of the WCS CSnx Next Generation model, this is yet another indication of WCS’ intent to continue to innovate and shape the future of supply chain solutions. CEO Joshila Makan is equally excited about the appointment and looks forward to the continuing success of the company and the added value Dr Boake will bring. Joshila reflects,  “Andrew has considerable experience in all aspects of IT and has brought positive business change across numerous sectors. His appointment underpins our ambition to transform, modernise and grow the business going forward. I am delighted to welcome him to the team.”

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