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WCS News Letter – 2019 Trends

CSnx Functionality Trending now with our Customers

Consolidated Picking

WCS WMS offering enables a more efficient method of picking, mainly for, but not exclusive to, orders with small to medium size items.

The CSnx consolidated picking functionality allows via configuration, the ability to group multiple customer order picks into one work assignment to enhance productivity by reducing travel time in that the picker only travels the warehouse once but picks multiple orders at the same time.

For example, there are five customer orders all for small items:

  • Conventional picking has one picker pick each order one after the other.
    • Therefore, travel time = 5 x Y
  • Consolidated picking has one picker pick all orders at the same time
    • Therefore, travel time = 1 x Y

At the end of the pick, the picker can be instructed to take each customer order to a specific load point or they can all be delivered to the same load point. Just by changing the configuration it also allows you to pick multiple customers onto one pallet in a reverse drop sequence so that the last customer order is picked first followed by the previous. This not only has an impact on picker productivity but enhances the transport productivity in that they only need to load one unit as it contains all customers in the sequence to be delivered. This can potentially result in cost savings through the use of smaller delivery trucks.

The functionality in CSnx allows breaks to be defined by the section of the warehouse, whether cross-section consolidation is allowed, by route and whether cross route consolidation is allowed, by the customer to say whether they consolidate or not.

Within CSnx there is also the ability to manually group a number of customer assignments into one work assignment as long as the customers are defined as consolidation customers.

Consolidated (ABC) picking for assembling multiple customers onto a pallet in reverse ship sequence.

Further functions and models that will be launched this year, include:

  • Activity Based Costing and “Cost to Serve” modelling, which will take the core calculations of cost components and include different attributes to control the calculation i.e. what is the true cost of picking a customer’s order?
  • CSnx Supplier booking

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