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WCS News Letter – Product News

The Latest CSnx Release of Features and Functions

  • Multi-pack support – improved support for multiple packs (units of measure)
  • Enhanced Consolidated-(CSnx has been further enhanced) allows more than 26 customers on one assignment (container check code is two characters so we first do A through Z & then do AA-AZ, BA – BZ and so on). Consolidated is dynamically determined based on customer-defined rules and current order volumes. 10 character route now support 10)
  • Customer Specific Date Requirements- CSnx-WMS allows for the definition of specific date requirements for individual customers.  This can be defined at the customer level for all items ordered by the customer or down to specific items for a specific customer.  This can be expressed as a number of day’s life or as a percentage of the All inventory allocated to be shipped to the customer will meet their desired life requirements.
  • Strict Lot Control, Additional, stricter lot control functionality has been added to meet the growing traceability requirements that customers are facing.  Contact WCS for additional functionality detail.
  • Order Hold – Planned shipments can now be placed on hold which prevents processing and shipping the warehouse. This could be used for any situation where processing needs to be halted on an order. This could be used for customer credit exceptions or other events that may require the processing of an order to be halted prior to some approval.
  • Customer specific date criteria – allows specific date requirements to be defined for different customers ensuring that product allocated for customers meets their requirements.
  • New tile-based menus and live transaction based dashboard.

For more information on the latest release and new models please contact us or chat to one of our consultants @

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