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WCS News Letter – Introduction


Distribution owners are seeking stronger and more complex functionality in their WMS, with embedded labour, voice and model automation integration capabilities now a pre-requisite for today’s top and mid-tier WMS’.  As well as the increasing need for a cost to serve a model to help reduce costs. This fairly new approach within the WMS allows for valuable cost control, and takes the core calculations of cost components and includes different attributes to control the calculation – e.g. what is the true cost of picking a customer’s order?  A new customer of ours will have this central to the management of their WMS.

Since the user conference, we have focused on both strengthening the existing functionality, whilst further enhancing CSnx with innovative features, functions and new models. We have also brought in new talent and expanded our customer base and territory.

This reminds me to point you to the video that encapsulates the success of our last conference, please click here to view:

You’ll also see more frequent updates from us as we are planning a more regular update on activity at WCS, as well as offering insights into industry issues and product updates.

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