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WCS News Letter – New Customers

Expansion into New Markets

The true value of CSnx is being recognised globally – while at events we are continually hearing excellent feedback from both customers and prospects that site the richness of the functionality that we offer over our competitors.

So we are delighted to announce our latest contract win with the Australian grocery chain, Drakes.  Operating in over 50 stores across South Australia and Queensland, the company has an annual turnover in excess of $1 billion and employs over 5,500 staff nationally.  The competition for the business was fierce, with some of the best well know competitors as part of the bidding process.  But we’re delighted that Drakes could see not only the value in our product but the rapport and ongoing relationships we have with our customers that offers a truly unique service.  More on the implementation will come in the next few months, but the new functionality being incorporated will include:

  • Inbound Booking – vendors logging onto CSnx to schedule their deliveries into the warehouse using a Planned Receipt (PR) screen and selecting a delivery day, time and door.
  • COR (Chain of Responsibility) Compliance Reporting that is configurable at Vendor/Purchase Order/Item level so that “time on site” and specific questions and answers can be prompted as required
  • Activity Based Costing and “Cost to Serve” modelling will take the core calculations of cost components and include different attributes to control the calculation i.e. what is the true cost of picking a customer’s order?
  • Automation to robotics and “Goods to Person” pick module integration capability to CSnx

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