TTS Forum Provides Inspiration For Change

On 28th April, WCS attended the TTS annual Forum in Heidelberg, Germany. The Forum was an opportunity to gain insights from specialists at well-reputed organisations on talent management, corporate learning and performance support.

Notable speakers included Prof. Gunter Dueck, a high-profile innovation manager and mathematician, on how innovation is affecting our work. Addressing the massive innovations brought about by the “Internet of Things” – the virtually limitless internetworking of people, events and objects – he raised questions on how the world of work will change, what workplaces will look like tomorrow and the initiatives companies must undertake now in order to avoid becoming victims of the transformation.

Besides exchanging ideas and learning from our peers across other major industries, the Forum provided an opportunity for the WCS team to discuss the comprehensive e-Learning suite which forms part of our next-generation software platform CSnx, delivering real benefit to businesses by promoting a tailored in-application learning experience.