WCS supports launch of Business on the Move logistics game

WCS supports launch of latest edition of  Business on the Move logistics game

Educational board game enriches logistics learning from age 9 upwards

Chicago, USA, Camberley (UK): 28th June 2018 WCS (Worldwide Chain Stores) is continuing its sponsorship support for the not-for-profit social enterprise that has created the educational logistics game Business on the Move. This latest version of the game sees new and significant features being added including being global in nature rather than UK-centric, trade flow adaptions, new dimensions such as skills training and the ‘development opportunity’ space for easier donation to local schools.

Business on the Move was created in 2011, with the first edition being launched in 2014. The game is designed to inspire and excite 9 to 19 year olds about business and global supply chains. Today the game is in more than 90 universities across the world.

Joshila Makan, CEO of WCS said, “Business on the Move is simply a fantastic way for the young people of today to be offered insights and education around the supply chain. This industry is facing a skills shortage that is only likely to grow, and by giving young people a valuable understanding of the logistics supply chain and what a potential career could hold for them is critical to ensure we fill that gap. Children today see a very limited view of logistics, but they are already playing a major part in its development. As consumerism takes grip, this next generation will have a direct impact on the explosion of logistics technology solutions.”

Personally my time working in logistics has been extremely fulfilling, I hope that we can pass some of that passion for successful supply chains to our children.”

50 UK business partners collectively sponsored the first (UK-centric) edition of Business on the Move, including WCS. Today 42 global supply chain organisations have come together to create the new Global edition. On this occasion, however, instead of donating 2 out of every 3 games free-of-charge to UK schools, the focus is on producing more games (5,000 instead of 2,800) and using the global sponsorship to reduce the selling price by some 30%, making the game more widely accessible to all forms of education and training across the world and developing a more sustainable business model.

Andy Page, from The Very Enterprising Community Interest Company, the social enterprise behind Business on the Move, commented: “The high proportion of export sales and the game’s growing appeal in both training and higher education, offer possibilities to develop (previously) unanticipated revenue streams that can underpin future production runs. We have already received lots of interest in the new Global Edition, supplemented by enquiries about bespoke editions too, either for local economic regions or even whole countries.”


The WCS team with Andy Page and Pat Smedley at Connaught Junior School.