WCS’ Strategic Alliance with Optricity


WCS’ strategic alliance with Optricity offers peak warehouse performance to businesses challenged by consumer demand. Please click here for the full press release.

Optricity OptiSlot advanced slotting technology will be integrated to CSnx delivering further slot optimisation to provide dynamic slotting features that have been called out by our customers, Further we are excited to have Optricity launch their new solution called the Moves Conductor, we believe this technology will be a game changer in developing the Self Healing Warehouse.


Together we are offering our customers an opportunity to perform an audit on six areas of optimisation on both SCM and CSnx. These include:

  1. Pallet Build
  2. Replenishment
  3. Productivity
  4. Rules Adherence
  5. Retail Friendly Pallet vs not:
  6. Pick by Store

WCS launched the recent partnership with Optricity at their user conference on disruptive technology

Landon Davies, Vice President at Optricity at WCS User Group Conference

About Optricity
Optricity warehousing software ignites operational performance improvement at the push of a button. Process-patented, slotting optimization technology, order analysis and simulation capabilities – Optricity drives value for warehousing customers at the strategic, operational and visibility levels. Based on domain expertise, software engineering prowess, and the ability to modify its advanced, proprietary mathematical techniques to get real results in real-world environments, Optricity’s warehousing software options provide an experience that is super-powerful under the hood – super awesome to operate.