Webinar: Choosing Warehouse Technology

Joshila Makan joins Anton du Preez and Haydn Costin, to discuss Voice, RF, and Pick to Light.

Original broadcast: 31/10/2012

Voice technology gained a foothold in organisations for its hands-free and heads-up capabilities. Traditional solutions such as RF scanning still have a place in the market,which one will drive more value from the supply chain and improve quality in your organisation?

Explaining ROI potential of both well established and relatively new warehouse technologies, join this online event to ask our experts…

• What technology is available in the market?
• When do you use what technology?
• What are the potential benefit gains?
• What is the pay back on this investment?

Today, warehouse managers are faced with dozens of technologies, from well established to relatively new. Understanding and choosing the right one can streamline operations,improve performance and reduce costs.
WCS brings an industry expert to describe how they work, what can they be used for, their benefits, which is the best and why and what equipment is needed for a successful implementation.
This online event will help you combat new technology challenges and provide a platform for future growth: Simple visual or audible instructions will improve accuracy, and in environments such as singles picking and packing, automation can deliver significant benefits.

You can download the PDF opposite to accompany this presentation.