Webinar: Supply Chain Control

Ana Cunha joins Joshila Makan to discuss using systems to control and improve operational effectiveness.

Original broadcast: 27/06/2013
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Effective communication between distribution, stores and suppliers is essential to avoid shortages, overstock and maintain a high level of productivity. Delivering supply chain excellence is about protecting service levels at acceptable costs. Control systems provide for visibility across the supply and demand network and communication mechanism to handle exceptions in good time, thus empowering people to collaborate.

Watch this webinar to discover more about:

  • The features of an Operational Audit and Control system
  • The benefits of Control Systems applied to Supply Chain
  • Aligning forecasts and stocks records through control system
  • Delivering forward looking data in real-time through analytics

This live session offers a roadmap for any business looking to improve efficiency of their supply chain operation; our expert speakers will address risks related to the volatility of demand and supply as well as the complexity and financial implications of data flows involved.

We will also discuss how to drive:

  • Good movements that are matched to financial transactions
  • Asset utilisation and distribution costs aligned with the business operation
  • Effective collaboration between Suppliers, Stores, Buying & Merchandising functions, Finance & Admin