Webinar: Trade Secrets Revealed

Joshila Makan joins Patty Stafford, Haydn Costin, and Joseph Ludorf, to discuss planning a successful WMS implementation.

Original broadcast: 03/07/2012
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When a company embarks on a WMS Implementation, the success or failure of the project can have a dramatic affect on itsbottom-line margin and market share. Many factors, occurring simultaneously throughout the implementation life-cycle, determine the end result. Success is determined by how well a company anticipates these variables and manages the entire implementation process. Only a few companies are getting it right!

The webinar is essential for any business considering investing in a new WMS. The aim is to educate those attending the webinar in the best practice for successful implementations that will minimise the risk to their business and give real world examples of how the approach has worked.

Key Learnings:

  • The importance of a good vendor
  • Pre-requisites of implementing a WMS
  • The importance of having a proven methodology
  • The importance of change management and getting commitment from all levels of the organisation

Through 100’s of implementations, we are in a position to share some key learnings to ensure a successful implementation. We will cover the following key factors:

1.  Choosing a vendor to partner with is your first important step. What you should look for?
2.  What implementation factors can be positively influenced to ensure success, and how?
3.  How to ensure your implementation provides the full benefits and ROI derived from the  software.
4.  A customer case study