Webinar: Transforming Your Supply Chain

Richard Sherman joins Mark Huxtable to bring his expertise and discuss new imperatives to achieve optimal supply chain performance and best practices leadership.

Original broadcast: 14/02/2013
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Supply Chain Management is a “tale of two cities”, Leader City and Laggard City. Residents of Leader City, according to benchmarks from APQC, outperform their median competitors with an overwhelming cost and performance advantage.

Find out how to effectively:

  • Segment your Supply Chain Strategy
  • Transform your Company Culture to Improve Performance
  • Gain insight into Changing Market & Competitive Landscape
  • Implement Industry Benchmarks & Best Practices (SCOR, CSCMP, APQC, Lean Six Sigma)

Sherman shows you why and how to navigate through the potentially difficult journey to Leader City. His expert advice and insights will further get you started on the road to continuous improvement and building an operations “House of Excellence”.

You can typically expect to learn about:

  • Operations issues and benchmarked performance gaps driving companies to embark on the journey to operations excellence.
  • What the House of Excellence is that Leader City residents live in.
  • Beginning the journey to Leader City and building your own House of Excellence.
  • Understanding the case for change and a practical roadmap to best practice results.